Special Event: Mansfield, OH (Dec 10 & 11)

Steve & Joyce Holthaus







You’ll want to meet Steve and Joyce Holthaus (from Mundelein, Illinois) as they share their story that many of people in this economy are currently needing to hear: Hope and the “how-to” strategy for overcoming financial struggles!

“Relìv is about giving people hope and a chance to change the direction of their lives for the better.”

Fri. 12/10/10

(Free) Reliv Informational Event:     7:30 – 9pm

Sat. 12/11/10

Special business training: 9am-11am



The Bookery
2300 West Fourth Street    Mansfield, OH 44906
Contact Renee 614-917-7870


Age is More Than Just a Number

Healthy Living Tip:

Eat Right, Live Longer

Eating the right foods may add years to your life. That’s what Harvard University researchers found in a study of more than 72,000 U.S women.

The findings, based on an 18-year Nurses Health Study, showed that women who ate the largest amounts of fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains were 17 percent less likely to die during the course of the study than those who ate the smallest amount. Specifically, these healthy eaters were 28 percent less likely to die of heart disease or stroke. Other key parts of the healthy diet include legumes, fish and poultry.

Women who had a “Western” eating pattern that includes red and processed meats, sweets, French fries and refined grains like white bread, were 21 percent more likely to die during the 18-year study period than those women who avoided those foods and followed a healthier eating style.

The study, reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, underscores the importance of healthy overall eating patterns. It’s not about one specific food or vitamin. It’s about providing your body with a steady variety of nutrients essential to your health.

If your eating habits are less than perfect, consider adding a backup plan — like Relìv Classic® or Relìv Now®. These powerhouse nutritional supplements take the guesswork out of good nutrition. Every Relìv product is precisely formulated to deliver optimal levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, protein and phytonutrients necessary to support overall well-being. And that can mean a longer, healthier life.

(This Healthy Living Tip is compliments of Reliv International. If you’d like more information about a great back-up plan, contact me at renee@simplyenrich.com!)