Protect Your Heart

Two Vital Steps to Protect Your Heart
Heart health is part genetics, part diet and lifestyle. While you can’t change your family tree, you can make an impact on risk factors for heart disease such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Getting regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fiber are also heart-smart steps. 

Let’s focus on two heart disease risk factors where you can make a difference: cholesterol and blood pressure. It may be easier to impact these than you thought…

Control Cholesterol.
Your risk for a heart attack rises with your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol builds up and narrows your arteries and makes them less flexible. To counter cholesterol, make plant sterols your friend. Plant sterols are found naturally in some vegetable oils, nuts, grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Soy is a significant source of plant sterols.

Plant sterols have been shown to reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by 20 percent in people with metabolic syndrome even if they continued eating a typical “Western” diet. The study showed those taking daily doses of plant sterols also dropped their total cholesterol by 16 percent, and their triglyceride levels by 19 percent.

Reliv’s CardioSentials®, loaded with plant sterols and other heart-smart nutrients, has been clinically shown to reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides for people with high cholesterol, as well as increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol and reduce blood glucose levels.

While soy benefits heart health because of its plant sterols and other antioxidants, the impact of soy and fiber together are even more powerful. One of fiber’s key heart benefits is reducing cholesterol. The combination of fiber-rich FibRestore® and soy-based Reliv Now® create a one-two punch against cholesterol. A clinical study found these products together reduce average cholesterol by 14 percent while they also reduce LDL, triglycerides, and uric acid.

Bring Down Blood Pressure.
High blood pressure is a major risk factor for developing heart disease and significantly increases stroke risk. One easy way to lower blood pressure is to bump up your soy intake. A combination of studies has shown taking soy isoflavones with soy protein each day lowers blood pressure as much as taking blood pressure medication.

Studies also show fiber can help reduce or even prevent high blood pressure. A Harvard study showed an intake of 24 grams/day or more of fiber provided significant protection against developing high blood pressure. FibRestore contains 10 grams of fiber in each serving to put you well on your way to reaching your optimum fiber count.

Get Your Heart Pumping
Your heart also needs a regular workout. Studies show adding at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three or more times a week can increase your HDL (“good”) cholesterol by 5-10 percent and lower your triglycerides.

For motivation, support and fun, join the Team Reliv Fitness Club to help reach your exercise goals. Join anywhere, anytime. It’s open to all Reliv Distributors and customers and offers prizes and a way for you to track your progress to better health.

Then add 24K™ to your daily routine to give you the healthy energy you need to literally go the extra mile. Its synergistic blend of 24 active ingredients in a caffeine-free, ready-to-drink shot provides energy, focus and stress relief — all important factors in heart health. Many of the ingredients, such as omega-3, CoQ10 and resveratrol, are proven heart helpers too.

Reliv’s nutritional products offer a variety of healthy solutions to benefit your heart — and the rest of your body.


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Follow the Gold Standard
for Stress Relief and Healthy Energy

Is stress derailing your ability to get things done in a day? Zapping your energy? Making your mind foggy? Beyond finding better ways to manage your stress, such as getting more sleep, exercising, and taking time to relax and have fun, the lack of certain nutrients in your diet could be making the physical effects of stress worse. If you’re feeling enough stress to cause fatigue, you’re on the pathway to poor health.

Stress hormones can deplete the body of vitamins and start the snowball effect of fatigue, anxiety and mental haze. Here are just a few of the nutrients you need to combat stress, clear the fog and amp up energy.

Boost the Bs
Topping the list of energy superstars are the B complex vitamins, which include B6, B12 and folate. These vitamins are essential to help your cells carry oxygen to your brain and to keep you energized. B vitamins also help metabolize carbohydrates, a key source of fuel for your body.

Go for Omega-3
Essential fatty acids like omega-3 can reduce many stress symptoms and counter some of the damaging effects of high levels of stress hormones in the body, according to research.

Some evidence even ties the lack of omega-3 in our diets with the increase in depression in our society today. Omega-3 has been shown to regulate mood and improve mental clarity.

Run with Resveratrol
Resveratrol, found in red grape skin, helps muscles use oxygen more efficiently to enhance performance. Because energy is processed more efficiently, you’re able to work out longer and more intensely. Dare we say, your workouts could actually be easier?

Charge Up with Coenzyme Q10
Research shows CoQ10 (conenzyme Q10) boosts cell energy production and as a result can improve athletic performance. In addition, CoQ10 has even been shown to enhance physical activity in people with fatigue syndromes.

This is Your Shot
Your simple solution to stress and energy shortfalls is at hand. Whether you’re running kids around, running a business, or running a 5K, you can power through every day with new 24K™ from Reliv. Formulated with a synergistic blend of 24 active ingredients (including the four described above), 24K provides energy, focus and stress relief. And with no caffeine and only 5 calories per serving, it’s healthy energy for body, mind and spirit.

No jitters. No energy crashes. 24K is the gold standard to kick start your day, pump up workouts, improve concentration and prevent that midday slump.

Enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle with Reliv!

(This article is by Reliv International.

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