Let’s Be Real

Ok. It’s time to be real with you. You may know me as a person that is “thin”, “fit”, and “young” and as the lady who brings you healthy living tips to simply enrich your life. But do you know who I am… really?

When pursuing my own fitness goals, I’ve been told by some that I “don’t need to worry about that” or that I “don’t need to watch what I eat.” It’s time to address this sort of thing and BE REAL with you!
Sure, some people are born with different genes than others, but we ALL need to have goals to improve our health, and we ALL need to put good stuff in our body and limit the junk. And we ALL have issues!
Can you deny that everyone has SOMETHING that they struggle with, especially regarding their health? Perhaps it’s smoking, alcohol, soda pop or coffee addiction. Some may despise exercise or loath the word ‘cooking’ so instead they sit on the couch watching T.V. and eat out every night. Since I’m being real, I need to confess that I have problems, too. Sure, I can pass many great tips and ideas your way about how to stay healthy, but I need to follow them too!  So do you know what it is that I struggle with?


Chocolate! In fact, death by chocolate may not be a cliche in my life at some point! (do you know how much saturated fat is in that stuff?! Bye-bye clear arteries & hello heart-attack!) Some days it’s not just chocolate, though, it can be any sweet thing that happens to find its way into my house, like leftover birthday cake  (and I do take strides to keep that stuff out!)
Yesterday I was sitting at my computer posting a healthy living tip while eating a mini candy bar left over from who-knows-when and it hit me: I need to practice what I preach! Even though I’m not personally worried about counting calories, or watching carbs for weightloss, and I do exercise regularly and eat my veggies….I should not be allowing this bad habit into my life! Chocolate in and of itself is not ‘bad’ and I don’t mean to say that I shouldn’t ever be eating it. But, my motto has always been “everything in moderation” – and my chocolate habit has been one lately that doesn’t depict my motto 😉
So today I decided to take a fast from all sweet or unhealthy foods. I may even carry that into tomorrow, and see where it goes from there! I started my day with my Reliv nutrition shake* and then off to 2 back-to-back intense exercise classes at the gym, came home (hungry!) and ate a usual healthy lunch. Oftentimes I’d follow that with a piece of chocolate, but today I refrained.  Sometimes I’ll crave it to self-medicate my stress & anxiety over squabbling kiddos (any moms out there relate with me??) but now I have 24k that nips that in the bud – stress relief, mental clarity, and energy all in one w/ only 5 calories. A much better grab all around.
By afternoon I usually start craving that yummy stuff right around the time that I am due for my next Reliv nutrition shake*, and sometimes I choose NOT to take my shake until later because I’d rather enjoy the chocolate than give my body the ‘good stuff’ that will help me fight those cravings. Well, today I took it on time and haven’t even battled the need for chocolate. See, I have tools in my bag that can help me and I know what I need to do in order to not have to struggle with this habit. I just need to use them and do it!

Is there something in your life that you’re struggling with? Be real with yourself! Do you know what you have to do to change it? Don’t do it alone — if you don’t have someone to help you, contact me and let’s work it out together! It’s so rewarding to come to a place of victory over even the ‘small things’ that we battle with.

Being real, what do YOU struggle with? Do you want to overcome it and what do you plan to do if so? Leave some comments below!

To a Healthier You,


*My Reliv nutrition shake consists of Classic, Innergize, & FibRestore.


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