Still Being Real…

I only thought it fair that I post a follow up to yesterday’s confession and personal challenge.  Call it accountability. Call it the mood to celebrate. Call it whatever you want. But here it is!

(If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then go back and read my post Let’s Be Real .)

But YES – I went the ENTIRE day without putting a piece of chocolate in my hand, let alone in my mouth, and I also resisted the temptation of eating anything sweet.  Was really close at one point, but an orange ended up tasting pretty good and reminded me that I WILL claim victory over my struggle!  I am in control! (well, for one day at least, right?)

And guess what? I chose to extend my challenge for an extra day and today — yet again — I ate nothing sweet! And I’m actually alive and here to tell you about it!  Go me 🙂

I’m going to admit right now that, most likely, I won’t continue this non-chocolate regimen for long, but I WILL promise to get back into a good balance and not binge-eat chocolate when the desire arises. This 2-day challenge has helped me realize that I can be in charge of what I consume. After all, I want to be healthy, and I owe it to myself to overcome my impulses and I have choices to make.

Anyone else out there inspired to tackle a struggle that they’ve been allowing to rule them? Let us know about it so we can celebrate your victory with you!



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