Tip #1: Recognize Enjoyment vs Overindulgence

Don’t stress over what NOT to eat this Thanksgiving. Remember: Enjoying food is a good thing, but overindulgence and gluttony is not.
Be mindful of how full you fill your plate (and how many plates you fill!) Eating healthy isn’t just about limits, but about choices and balance. For instance, do you like everything you see on that Thanksgiving smorgasbord? Then enjoy the holiday and try it all! But only a small taste or spoonfull of each item.

ENJOY this Thanksgiving feast with portion control and avoid that gluttonous, over-stuffed feeling of overindulgence.

PS. Let’s be thankful for how fortunate we are to have food, there are so many who do not! Consider partnering with me to support the Reliv Kalogris Foundation (RKF) where we feed well over 40,000 kids and family every day! http://www.RelivKalogrisFoundation.org